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Coach's Clearances

All Central Hempfield coaches, in order to work or volunteer with children, are required to obtain clearances that include the following:

Be sure to mark that this is for a volunteer position and the $10 fees will be waived for the Child Abuse Clearance and State Police Background Check. If you must been fingerprinted (see details below) the fee is around $30.

  • A Child Abuse Clearance can be obtained through the Child Welfare Portal.
  • A Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal History Check can be obtained here.
  • A FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Clearance is obtained by registering on the Cogent, Inc. website.
    • In lieu of the the FBI Fingerprinting, you my complete this Volunteer Affidavit in lieu of FBI Clearances if you have been a continuous PA resident for the past 10 years and have not been convicted of and of the crimes listed in the affidavit!

All clearances must be submitted to [email protected] before your service may begin!

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions