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Parent Handbook


Central Hempfield


                                                      Parents Handbook


(Revised March 2016)




Central Hempfield Mission Statement


The purpose of the Central Hempfield is to support and enhance the baseball/softball program within the community by providing an opportunity for all children to participate in our program. In addition, through an atmosphere of friendly competition, it is our objective to promote to the youth of our organization the values of:

Positive Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, Team Goals, Responsibility, Hard Work, Good sportsmanship, Courage, Respect for Authority, Respect for Team-mates, Honor.



Every Player in Every Game


In Central Hempfield, every player plays in EVERY game. (Each division has its own playing rules but at the minimum, every player plays at least two innings in the field and bats at least once.) If for some reason a player does not play the minimum required innings/at bats, that player is entitled to start the next game.  The exception to this occurs if a player is “benched” for disciplinary reasons.  Examples: missing practices, arriving late for game, back talk, disruptive behavior, etc.


(Note: benching of a player will not take place without the Manager of the team talking with the Coordinators of said league. If the Coordinators are not available, the Manager may talk to the Baseball Commissioner or the President of the League.  The only exception to this rule is: if something happens during a game that constitutes a player being benched during the same game, the Manager must consult with the opposing Manager and the Umpire.)


Managers and Coaches


All managers/coaches will be at least 21 years of age; have completed a Criminal Background Check and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance in accordance with Central Hempfield and HAAA requirements. (Failure to do so will result in the manager/coach being pulled from their duties until the required forms are turned in to the Central Hempfield Board of Executives.


(Note: the Central Hempfield Board Members are also required to obtain these clearances which are on file with the Secretary of the Central Hempfield Board.)


No one without these clearances is allowed to enter the playing area.


Coaches are also required to read and sign a separate “Coaches Code of Conduct.”


The manager of your child’s team makes many decisions such as: when and where practices will be held, what time your player should arrive in preparation for a game, batting lineups, fielding positions, signs/signal and plays. Please arrive on time so your manager has appropriate time to prepare for the game/practice.


Managing and coaching are difficult jobs: these VOLUNTEERS need your support and cooperation.  It is expected that the Central Hempfield managers/coaches place what is right over what is desired.  If you have a difference of opinion with one of our volunteers, feel free to approach them, but never during the game and never in front of the team.


If you have concerns you feel require further attention, please contact the Board.


Player Safety


Central Hempfield is very concerned with player safety and has initiated many safety precautions to protect your child.  Players are required to wear batting/running helmets; catchers are required to wear full protective gear (chest protector, shin pads, mask and helmet.)  All players warming up the pitchers must wear catching headgear.


Spectator Safety


Every spectator at a Central Hempfield game or practice must take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their children.  During a game or practice, many foul balls are hit or errant balls are thrown.  Many times these balls may go beyond the fencing at the field.  Our fencing prevents some balls from leaving the playing area but not all.  Pay close attention for foul balls.


If you bring your children to games or practices it is your responsibility to watch over them and keep them away from the player benches, backstops and batting warm up area.


Spectator Behavior at Games


Shouting at an opposing batter or taunting any member of a team or making negative comments has no pace in youth baseball/softball!! 


You will be told to leave the game and the umpire will stop the game until you comply.  (As stated in the Pony League Rules Book:  If a manager, coach, player or fan is ejected from a game, they shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game.  They may not sit in the stands and may not be recalled.  If the person or persons refuse to leave the field within ten minutes, the team in which that person is affiliated will forfeit the game.)


Verbal or physical aggression expressed toward your player, opposing players, volunteers or other spectators is not tolerated.  Our umpires try to do the best job possible and mistakes will happen.  Central Hempfield will not tolerate any spectator back talk to umpires.  If you get in an umpire’s face or become aggressively loud with your comments about the umpire’s calls, you will be told to leave the area.




Central Hempfield carries insurance that is designed to afford protection to all participants at the most economical cost to the league.  It can be used to supplement other insurance carried under the family policy or provided by the parent’s employer.  If your child sustains a covered injury while taking part in a Central Hempfield function, Contact the Coach immediately


Player Attendance and Transportation


Baseball/Softball is a team sport. Please notify your child’s Manager of any absences as soon as you become aware of them. Substitution and playing time rules are complex, so managers need time to put together their lineups for the game.  Last minute changes can be very difficult to accomplish.  To be late for or miss a practice hurts the entire team! (And may cut into your child’s playing time.) 


At the beginning of the season, your child’s manager supplies you with information about the league and team.  If the names and phone numbers of the players on your child’s team is not supplied, you may want to request this from your child’s coach so you can arrange carpools to help your child get to the game/practice if you cannot make it. Please contact the Manager/Coach as to who will accompany your child home.


Note: It is not the responsibility of the Manager/Coach to supply rides to the players.



It’s for the Kids


Baseball/Softball is a high-stress spectator sport: getting caught up in the game is one of its pleasures.  But whether you’re a parent or a volunteer, sometimes it’s really easy to get caught up in the events going on around you.  Should this happen, please stop and remember why we are here.







Any questions, comments or concerns may be directed to the Central Hempfield Board